See you tomorrow Mickey might be soon

If you think you have had the worst week ever, I would like you to look at the New York Mets week. The week started with the Mets losing a game to the Chicago Cubs on a late inning home run from Javy Baez. Which really should have just been seen as another game butContinue reading “See you tomorrow Mickey might be soon”

News and Notes for Monday Morning

According to Jesse Sanchez, the Dodgers are back in the Bryce Harper conversation.  Could they be the mystery team that was reported yesterday?  Many think the Yankees might swoop in at the last minute and make an offer.  National League teams are looking at Harper as a possible DH candidate when the DH becomes universal.Continue reading “News and Notes for Monday Morning”

Winter Meeting News and Notes – Monday Morning

Here are the morning news and notes from Winter Meetings – Monday Morning Edition. Lee Smith and Harold Baines were elected to the Hall of Fame last night by the Today’s Game Era Committee. For both Baines and Smith it has to feel like sweet justice.  Baines was one of the first original DH’s inContinue reading “Winter Meeting News and Notes – Monday Morning”

Winter Meetings Preview – Sunday

As the Winter Meetings get started today here are a few stories we are watching: Where will Bryce Harper and Manny Machado end up? Harper by far is the player with the most hype entering the free agent market and remains unsigned as we go into the Winter Meetings.  Harper’s former team the Washington NationalsContinue reading “Winter Meetings Preview – Sunday”

Don’t Blame Chili, Blame the Front Office

Here is something we all know, in order to win the game you must score runs and score more than the team you are playing.  There have been 39 games where the Cubs have scored 1 run or no runs.  This is not a good recipe for success.  Fans have clearly placed their blame onContinue reading “Don’t Blame Chili, Blame the Front Office”

Baseball Drama: The Good Kind

For true baseball fans today is what it is all about!  Two different division races have not been decided yet and when we go to bed tonight they still may not be decided.  Think about it, game 163 tomorrow with the possibility of 2 different games.  This is where you see if trades your teamsContinue reading “Baseball Drama: The Good Kind”

The Cardinal Way Needs Change

With the firing of Mike Matheny it leaves the Cardinals fans asking now what?  That is a good questions but the firing of Matheny should be a stepping stone.  In the press conference today, the Cardinals talked about hitting the reset button.  That is all well and good but is there a deeper problem?  IsContinue reading “The Cardinal Way Needs Change”

Machado Not the Right Fit for Cubs

I remember the buzz around Wrigley Field when Nomar Garciaparra stepped up to the batters box as a Chicago Cub.  The Cubs announcers at the time, Steve Stone and Chip Carey enjoying the electricity around Wrigley field as Steve Stone said, “if he hits a home run he could run for Mayor.”  Now fast forwardContinue reading “Machado Not the Right Fit for Cubs”