CarGo is likely CarGone

According to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers Carlos Gonzales was seen shaking hands with teammates and hugging others after last nights game. CarGo never really caught on with the Cubs after being released from the Indians earlier this year. His line was .175/.306/.300 which over all was worse than when he was in Cleveland. Now what willContinue reading “CarGo is likely CarGone”

News and Notes for Monday Morning

According to Jesse Sanchez, the Dodgers are back in the Bryce Harper conversation.  Could they be the mystery team that was reported yesterday?  Many think the Yankees might swoop in at the last minute and make an offer.  National League teams are looking at Harper as a possible DH candidate when the DH becomes universal.Continue reading “News and Notes for Monday Morning”

NL Central Will Be Fun To Watch

The National League Central is a dream to watch if teams stay relatively healthy.  You have the Cardinals who have retooled and a Yadier (don’t call me MF) Molina who still has something to prove with more then just his mouth.  They have missed the playoffs too much in the last few years and areContinue reading “NL Central Will Be Fun To Watch”

Baseball Drama: The Good Kind

For true baseball fans today is what it is all about!  Two different division races have not been decided yet and when we go to bed tonight they still may not be decided.  Think about it, game 163 tomorrow with the possibility of 2 different games.  This is where you see if trades your teamsContinue reading “Baseball Drama: The Good Kind”