See you tomorrow Mickey might be soon

If you think you have had the worst week ever, I would like you to look at the New York Mets week. The week started with the Mets losing a game to the Chicago Cubs on a late inning home run from Javy Baez. Which really should have just been seen as another game butContinue reading “See you tomorrow Mickey might be soon”

Update: CarGo is placed on waivers, two pitchers called up and more

The Cubs announced they have placed Carlos Gonzales on waivers. This will give all of the MLB teams a chance to pick him put at his current salary (league minimum since he was released by the Indians). If no team picks him up he will be given an option to be released or go toContinue reading “Update: CarGo is placed on waivers, two pitchers called up and more”

CarGo is likely CarGone

According to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers Carlos Gonzales was seen shaking hands with teammates and hugging others after last nights game. CarGo never really caught on with the Cubs after being released from the Indians earlier this year. His line was .175/.306/.300 which over all was worse than when he was in Cleveland. Now what willContinue reading “CarGo is likely CarGone”

Game 163: This could be Legendary

This is a game just to sit back and enjoy.  The Cubs have been there before and know what it takes to do it again.  The Brewers are up and coming but look like it will take a Mack truck to stop them from winning the Division.  This is playoff baseball before the playoffs evenContinue reading “Game 163: This could be Legendary”

Baseball Drama: The Good Kind

For true baseball fans today is what it is all about!  Two different division races have not been decided yet and when we go to bed tonight they still may not be decided.  Think about it, game 163 tomorrow with the possibility of 2 different games.  This is where you see if trades your teamsContinue reading “Baseball Drama: The Good Kind”

Enjoy Miguel Amaya: Could Be Traded Soon.

Chicago Cubs catcher Miguel Amaya is currently playing in the futures game.  After the game the Cubs will be promoting him as a reward but also because he has been a standoutut prospect this year.  In less then 3 years in the organization, Amaya is in the top 10 on the Cubs top prospects list. Continue reading “Enjoy Miguel Amaya: Could Be Traded Soon.”

The Cardinal Way Needs Change

With the firing of Mike Matheny it leaves the Cardinals fans asking now what?  That is a good questions but the firing of Matheny should be a stepping stone.  In the press conference today, the Cardinals talked about hitting the reset button.  That is all well and good but is there a deeper problem?  IsContinue reading “The Cardinal Way Needs Change”