CarGo is likely CarGone

According to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers Carlos Gonzales was seen shaking hands with teammates and hugging others after last nights game.

CarGo never really caught on with the Cubs after being released from the Indians earlier this year. His line was .175/.306/.300 which over all was worse than when he was in Cleveland.

Now what will the Cubs do with Gonzalez being released and Hamels heading to the DL? They could call up two pitchers first since they used the bullpen a lot last night. I would look for Tony Barnett’s and Dillon Maples or Tim Collins as he continue to ride the express between Iowa and Chicago. At some point the Cubs are going to have to fill the outfield spot that is open with CarGo being released.

I would be shocked if Ian Happ was called up since he is batting .226 and has struck out 90 times in 276 ABS. As of late his strikeout rate is better but still not great. The Cubs could be working toward a trade as well. In the meantime I would not be surprised to see Jim Adduci or Mark Zagunis called up.

A trade the Cubs should be interested in is Whit Merrifield who currently plays for the Kansas City Royals. He is an infielder/outfielder who has a line of .299/.347/.497. This would cost the Cubs a lot but he will help the offense tremendously. The Cubs and the Royals have matched up before so I could see it happening again. It would be 3 to 4 player deal. The Cubs have said they are going to be active at the trade deadline and look for it to be a major move.

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