Harper–More Hype than Substance

If your favorite team is not one of the teams in on Bryce Harper, consider yourself lucky.  Bryce Harper is a very good player but not a player you want to tie up 10 years of payroll into.  The last report is that the Phillies are trying to finally get a contract wrapped up.  This should conclude their off season of spending “stupid money”.  This will be the stupidest money they spend.  Their off season has actually been a very nice one at this point also.  I know they feel if they can get Harper  signed it will put them over the top to win the division.  That may be the case but the Washington Nationals won the division a lot with Harper and nothing else to show for it.

I am not saying a player is not worth 300 million but I feel the team that signs Harper are paying for a lot of hype and much less substance.  Harper has had a 7 year career so far.  In the past 7 years he has played more then 140 games 3 times.  In the past 7 years he has averaged 26 home runs.  He has hit more than 30 home runs 2 times. He averages 73 RBI’s and has had 1 season of 100 RBI’s.

It is easy to say that paying Harper 300 million or more is for what he is going to do in the uniform of the team that signs him.  In a 7 year sample size of Harper’s career the numbers don’t stack up.  Yes you can say well he was injured which is true but there is an injury history.  Why pay this kind of money for an injury history? Not to mention the production does not add up.  The Phillies have a club house now with a lot of big personalities.  How will they handle someone like Harper coming in?

The Phillies have spent stupid money before.  Have they forgot Ryan Howard?  They had to pay him to leave.  One of Boras’ selling points on Harper is that later in his career he can play first base.  We see how well that worked out for Ryan Howard.  Howard was not the only person they had to pay to play for another team either.

Jimmy Rollins – Dodgers

Cole Hamels – Rangers

Chase Utley – Dodgers

There are many very good players in MLB.  Harper is just one of them and the Phillies are going to be the stupid team to spend stupid money that they cannot move.

What should they do instead?  Sign Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel.  Good pitching always stops good hitting.

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