Don’t Blame Chili, Blame the Front Office

Here is something we all know, in order to win the game you must score runs and score more than the team you are playing.  There have been 39 games where the Cubs have scored 1 run or no runs.  This is not a good recipe for success.  Fans have clearly placed their blame on Chili Davis.  Fair or unfair he is the hitting coach and is getting a lot of the blame as displayed here:

Even Boston fans are expressing their thoughts about Chili Davis.  It is easy to say that Cubs fans will never feel they have a good hitting coach.  The hitting coach does not control Contreras taking a pitch right down the middle of the plate in the 8th inning yesterday.  The hitting coach does not control Contreras going into a slump since the All Star Game since he believed he was Babe Ruth after making the All Star team.  The hitting coach does not control the fact the Addison Russell may have made some bad choices that even my 5 year old knows is not okay.

Offensively the Cubs got off to a slow start to the season and never really found their grove.  Anthony Rizzo could not hit his way out of a shoe box for the first month of the season but since then he has been a .300 hitter.  Kris Bryant is playing hurt and spent a lot of time on the disabled list which has been well documented.  We are starting to find out what we have in Kyle Schwarber which is an all of nothing kind of swing and the old guy Ben Zobrist is having one of his better seasons by average alone.

If you really want to question something then question why Theo didn’t throw all of his eggs into the basket and trade for Yelich.  Everyone knew he was something special and available at the right price.  Ian Happ, Albert Almora and Addison Russell would have been a great start to the conversation.  Money could have become a problem but this front office has not let that stand in their way before.  So if you want to put blame on someone, blame the front office.  They have overvalued the talent they have on the field and have refused to upgrade key spots like Center Field.

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