Game 163: This could be Legendary

This is a game just to sit back and enjoy.  The Cubs have been there before and know what it takes to do it again.  The Brewers are up and coming but look like it will take a Mack truck to stop them from winning the Division.  This is playoff baseball before the playoffs even start.  Both teams are in the playoffs, they are just playing for the division.  Playing for home field advantage in the playoffs and a couple days off.

Who has the advantage is any ones guess.  It is easy to say the Cubs have the advantage because they have the big game experience and Joe Maddon has managed in game 163 before.  While with the Tampa Bay Rays Maddon managed the Rays in a victory over the Rangers in game 163 in the 2013 season.  You could say that the advantage is with the Brewers because they have the momentum of a 7 game winning streak.  They have proven to be a good team because they caught the Cubs to force this game 163.  The Brewers could have the advantage because as of now we don’t know who is pitching for them.

For an up and down season for the Cubs this is a fun way to end the season.  It is hard to say the Cubs would be in the situation if they did not have all of the key injuries they had this year.  In fact, with the Cubs trying to win their 96th game today shows how good of a team they have been with all of the injuries.  The Cubs have the right guy on the mound to win this game.  Jose Quintana has a 1.50 ERA verse the Brewers in 10 starts but this is not the same Brewers team.  So this year Quintana has a 2.17 ERA in 6 starts.  The Brewers are out to prove something and felt they did over the weekend but really they didn’t.  The last 3 games the Brewers played a Detroit Tigers team that was going no where.  The Cubs still faced a hungry Cardinals team.

What will be interesting to watch is the Javy Baez Christian Yelich MVP show.  Yelich is like the smooth MVP candidate that has carried the Brewers for the last 2 weeks.  Javy Baez is the MVP candidate that tries to hit the ball to Waveland with every swing.  Baez plays hard and reckless but calculated on the bases.  He makes teams nerves and has scored from first more times this season then we have seen in a while based on errors he forces teams to make.  This is a game where legend stories come from.  Who will build on their legend is any ones guess.  Just sit back and enjoy game 163 because there is no bigger game this year.

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