Baseball Drama: The Good Kind

For true baseball fans today is what it is all about!  Two different division races have not been decided yet and when we go to bed tonight they still may not be decided.  Think about it, game 163 tomorrow with the possibility of 2 different games.  This is where you see if trades your teams made are truly a difference maker.  For me, I woke up early like it was Christmas morning thinking about all of the different scenarios that could possibly happen.

The Cubs:  They are putting their faith in Mike Montgomery.  This is a huge game for Montgomery.  During the past off-season he told the Cubs he wanted to be a starter but the Cubs had different ideas.  This is where he can prove that he can start.  He proved he could close big games since he got the last out in the World Series back in 2016.  This is where the Mike Montgomery legend can continue and more free drinks at Murphys.

This is also the time for Daniel Murphy to continue to stand out.  In the last 7 games he is batting .367 and went 2 -4 yesterday.  Javy Beaz to show why he is in the MVP conversation.  In the past 7 games he is only hitting .207 while Christian Yelich is carrying his team with a .444 average while pocketing the MVP.  Anthony Rizzo needs to show he is the team leader and put the team on his back.  The Cubs have not beaten Flaherty this year so this could either be the perfect storm or have their hands full.  Take your pick.

The Brewers: Thee Brewers have Gio Gonzalez pitching who they picked up from the Nationals.  Gonzalez wants to show he deserves a good contract next year from someone so he has a lot of reason to pitch well.  The Tigers have Spencer Turnbull (who) o made his major league debut on September 14 of this year.  I think the Brewers will jump on him early and often.  The Tigers are just ready to put this season to bed since they don’t have anything to play for but pride.

I think we will see game 163 tomorrow at Wrigley Field and the Cubs and Brewers will play deep into October.  This will start a true new rivalry that is more then just for the fans.

Note:  If the Dodgers don’t win the division after all of their trades this year, they need to look to replace Dave Roberts.


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