The Cardinal Way Needs Change

With the firing of Mike Matheny it leaves the Cardinals fans asking now what?  That is a good questions but the firing of Matheny should be a stepping stone.  In the press conference today, the Cardinals talked about hitting the reset button.  That is all well and good but is there a deeper problem?  Is this just a bandage for now?

Most people felt Matheny would be fired at the end of the season if the Cardinals missed the playoffs and that is probably what would have happened.  It is clear this decision was fast forwarded a few months because of recent articles written in the last few weeks about the lack of communication in the clubhouse and Bud Norris policing the clubhouse.  Most fans think Bud Norris is just lucky to be on the team and has no right to be policing and telling on players.

The damage that has been done under Matheny is not something that can be fixed this year and save the season.  Based on what was heard  the press conference today it is clear the Cardinals are going to ride the season out and make additional moves from there.  If the Cardinals were set on turning this around right now they would have either hired a manager with experience or named Mike Shildt the manager (no interm tag) and gave him a contract extension so people know the team believes in him.  The problem is they do not and do not have a road  map to success for the end of the season.

The Cardinals have been in a downward slide for the last few years.  As they continued the downward slide they moved then General Manager John Mozeliak into a President of Baseball Operations role.  They named Mike Girsch the new General Manager and he inherited a mess.  As most things go in situations like this Mozeliak is making the baseball decisions and Girsch is a puppet.  This is sadly the way organisations are starting to handle things.  So if you ask fans who needs to go?  The whole Cardinals organization needs to be cleaned out and restart.  The Cardinal way needs to change.

Where do the Cardinals go from here?  They need to hire a manager with experience and success.  The Cardinals need to hire someone who understands how to communication with players in the social media generation.  The Cardinals need to spend smart money, get back to drafting well and produce home grown talent.  One question that will never be answered is, how much did the death of Oscar Taveras set the Cardinals Organization back?

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