Enjoy Miguel Amaya: Could Be Traded Soon.

Chicago Cubs catcher Miguel Amaya is currently playing in the futures game.  After the game the Cubs will be promoting him as a reward but also because he has been a standoutut prospect this year.  In less then 3 years in the organization, Amaya is in the top 10 on the Cubs top prospects list.  The Cubs signed him for $1 million as in an International Draft Pick and he has lived up to the hype.  It is unclear the power he will truly have but he is displaying some good power in Single A South Bend with 14 home runs so far.

You can say Amaya is blocked by the talented Cubs catcher Wilson Contreras and Victor Caratini but really is not the case.  The chances are Amaya will never play a game in Chicago as a member of the Chicago Cubs.  As the trade deadline looms, the Cubs are looking to improve the team and Amaya will be getting a lot of attention from other teams.  Is it worth trading him for a chance at the playoffs and possible World Series?  Yes it is!  Tomorrow is never promised so it is important for the Cubs to put all they can into winning the World Series again this year.  The Cubs need pitching more then anything else right now and a good catching prospect could give them a chance at a good arm.  Amaya would be a good way to start the conversation with Rangers on a Cole Hamels deal.

Now Amaya is not the only prospect that has generated interest.  David Bote who has been taking the express between Triple A and the Majors has had Toronto interested in him if the Cubs were to trade for J. A. Happ.  Bote would be a nice replacement for Donaldson whether he is traded or leaves at the end  of the season.  I am not leaving out Victor Caratini at all.  I would be surprised to see the Cubs trade him because of depth on the Major League roster.

No matter who the Cubs keep or trade, Cub fans should trust Theo and Jed who have brought the Cub fans one championship.  Looks like they are poised and ready to step on the neck of the Central Division and go deep into the playoffs.

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