Machado Not the Right Fit for Cubs

I remember the buzz around Wrigley Field when Nomar Garciaparra stepped up to the batters box as a Chicago Cub.  The Cubs announcers at the time, Steve Stone and Chip Carey enjoying the electricity around Wrigley field as Steve Stone said, “if he hits a home run he could run for Mayor.”  Now fast forward to 2018 and Manny Machado stepping up to the plate as a Chicago Cub.  It would be fun and exciting but at what cost to the Cubs.

The package that the Cubs has talked about for Machado is Addison Russell, Mike Montgomery, and prospects.  Yes, that was the Addison Russell of last year which was already a shell of Addison Russell of 2016.  Now the Cubs would have to include a package that would most likely include Ian Happ.  Despite Happ’s early stuggles he has come on strong as of late and is a valuable piece to the organization.  So to include Happ in a deal is just bad baseball business.  So what should the Cubs do?

The Cubs should continue to build the organization from within.  They won a World Series by good drafts and quality trades for the long term as well as some luck (which all teams have).  Making trades for the short term goes against the “Cubs Way” and it is not something they should do now.  The Cubs should never give up on the season but they need to think more long term then just this year.  There is no reason to mortgage the future for just one year.  The Cubs have won a World Series and there was nothing more exciting than that.  Many felt they needed to win at any cost and I did to but now it is different.  Lets win year after year so to do that the Cubs need to make smart deals.  Manny Machado is not a smart deal for the Cubs.  Manny Machado is a smart rental for a team that is not the Cubs.

So what should the Cubs do?  They need to be smart and let the season play itself out.  See if Addison Russell can play out of his year and a half funk. Find a way to to get out from under the Jason Heyward contract.  This is the time when Joe Maddon shows why he is the best in baseball so he doesn’t get replaced by another Joe “Girardi”.

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