How the Cubs can re-tool this offseason

There is the old saying if it is not broken don’t fix it.  The Cubs are not broken but there does need to be some enhancements.  It is very well known the Cubs need starting pitching this off-season. The Cubs have a hole in left field and a some bullpen help.  Lastly, the Cubs need a leadoff hitter because leadoff by committee did not work last year.

Where do the Cubs start?  Well we know the Cubs are not a great fit for Giancarlo Stanton or Shohei Ohtoni.  It would be fun to dream about how many balls Stanton could put on the street or how Joe Madden  would use Ohtoni with his zani switches but neither will happen.  So what do the Cubs do?

No matter what happens the Cubs are going to have to spend money this off-season.  It is not about throwing money around but it is a about finding good deals and signing a big name free agent or 2.  So first, the Cubs should sign Yu Darvish and yes I know he imploded in the post season.  The Cubs have the right pitching coach to work with him on his mechanics and not tipping his pitches.  Also, with the Cubs signing Darvish they do not have to give up a draft pick like they would with Alex Cobb.  Second, they need to trade Ian Happ, Kyle Schwarber and a few prospects for Evan Longoria and Chris Archer.  The Cubs could move Kris Bryant to left field and Longoria could play 3rd base.

The Cubs need a leadoff hitter and someone who can get on base and make things happen.  The Cubs need to trade for Dee Gordon and send Addison Russell to the Marlins. Javy Baez will play short and Dee Gordon can play second.  By doing these things the Cubs would have a more athletic infield and outfield.  Ben Zoberist would be a super utility player because it is clear he is slowing down.  These deals could happen because both teams in Florida are looking to dump payroll.

Lastly the Cubs can help the bullpen by signing Bryan Shaw  and find a closer within the organization or Wade Davis back that was a nice fit for them last year.  If the Cubs sign Shaw then they could also sign Brandon Morrow for reinforcements.

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